A Fluid Suspension Mattress utilizes water as its advanced source of contouring support instead of traditional innerspring support. In a BOYD FLOTATION® Fluid Suspension mattress, the metal springs are replaced with Fluid that give total support and conform to your individual body type.

The advanced fluid suspension design perfectly supports every contour of your body. It is designed to eliminate those annoying pressure points that cause tossing and turning and prevent you from getting the deep, restful night's sleep you need.

Benefits of Fluid Suspension Sleep

You Don't Toss and Turn because you are evenly supported.
Offers a Deeper, More Restful Sleep so you wake up feeling rested and refreshed.
Gives Total Support. Only Fluid Suspension can give perfect contouring support to places like the small of your back, shoulders, neck and head. This mattress conforms to you, unlike other sleep surfaces, you conform to it. Perfectly contours to your exact body type.
Adjustable Firmness means you determine how soft or hard your mattress feels.
Individual Comfort. Each person can adjust their side of the bed to create their own individualized sleeping comfort while eliminating side-to-side motion. Plus, when you roll over, you do not disturb your
partner's sleep.
Relieves Back Pain. A Fluid Suspension mattress is designed to eliminate stress and pressure from your back. Fluid Suspension mattresses help reduce back pain naturally.
Visual Lumbar Support. Many BOYD FLOTATION® models give more support to the center of the mattress. This unique, patented lumbarpedic quilting and lumbar foam is a feature you can see as well as feel.

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