Swingo ME-A85

Latest sport way in Europe and United States.

It makes you love sports and the easy way to shape up beautiful body.
Swingo can be customized to meet your needs according to the various parts of the build exclusively for your body-building! With 550 times per minute vibration way, training of muscle strength, you don't need to go to the gym and can also be easily reached on the amazing effect as like gym!

Sculpture your body curve with ease
Swingo's full body vibration mode can let you easily get the same result as work out. You can intentionally use it to sculpture your desire parts. With diet control, you can effectively sculpture your body curve.

Product Description


Modern city, fast-paced work life, physical and psychological pressure is huge, especially office workers who are sedentary at a desk for a long time. Mental and physical exercise and relaxation opportunities are fewer, and the ensuing loss and other physiological functions are increasingly plaguing us: backache and back pain, fatigue, obesity, occupational diseases and so on. The advent of this machine is to meet the needs of this part. It does this by telling vibration, combined with the rational use of different exercise position, can(to) promote blood circulation, relieve physical and mental fatigue, reduce belly, thighs and other parts of fat,others part of body that excess fat. Eliminate muscle soreness, set indoor aerobic exercise, fitness, massage, weight loss,slimmimg body in one, is the modern urban fashion rare beauty and fitness products.


Perfect body: through the machine balance and high frequency vibration, with a variety of body postures used to stimulate deep muscle tissue, reduce fat accumulation, achieve enhanced muscle flexibility, shaping the local body type effect-body shaping, thus showing a perfect body curve, allowing you to restore vitality and confidence.

Fitness: lessons in martial arts stances, Buddhist meditation, Taoism and other traditional Chinese meditation fitness repose of the essence, advocating the concept of advanced static movement, allowing you to stay physically and mentally fit, can also get complete relaxation, ease pain, eliminate fatigue, reconcile blood, improve body circulation, thus achieving the effect of physical fitness.


A shapelier silhouette: The device vibrates consistently at a high frequency and works with various postures to stimulate muscles deep within and reduce the accumulation of fat cells for a more toned physique and targeted shaping effect.

A healthier body: The static exercise concept that underlies the V-Shaper is the culmination of the distillation of philosophies as disparate as Chinese kungfu, Buddhist practice and Taoist philosophy. Now you will be able to relax both mind and body without leaving the comfort of your home and relieve aches and pains, fatigue and circulatory issues for a healthier you.






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