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Here's how to use fountains as feng shui cures

The feng shui fountains are among the most popular feng shui cures and come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. The uses of feng shui fountains are many - there are indoors and outdoors feng shui fountains, tabletop, free standing, wall-mounted, and more.

For a fountain to be used as a feng shui cure, the fountain does not have to look oriental. In fact, none of your feng shui cures have to look oriental in order to bring good feng shui energy!  It is best when they work harmoniously with your home decorating style.

Fountains are very popular in feng shui because they bring the energy of the water feng shui element, and water is an ancient feng shui symbol of wealth and prosperity.

The other good feng shui reason to use a fountain indoors is the fact that a working fountain will diffuse healthy negative ions into the air. Many indoor environments can for sure greatly benefit from at leats one feng shui fountain!

Best feng shui bagua areas to place your feng shui fountain are the following:

East - Health & Family area

Southeast - Wealth & Money area

North - Career & Path in Life area.

The location of your feng shui fountain is determined by the Bagua, or the feng shui energy map of your space, as well as the interplay of the 5 feng shui elements.

Here are 2 things to keep in mind when looking for the best feng shui placement of your fountain:

1. It is not advisable to place a water feature/feng shui fountain in the South area, as in feng shui South bagua area needs strong Fire element energy. If you bring the Water feng shui element of the fountain into the Fire element feng shui area (South), you are creating bad feng shui and conflicting energy (Water puts down the Fire in the 5 element cycle).

2. It is bad feng shui to have a water feature in your bedroom, no matter which feng shui area of your house your bedroom is located in. The water feng shui element brings the energy of worry  and sorrow into the bedroom, thus a fountain in the bedroom is considered bad feng shui.

On a practical level, when buying this feng shui product, choose a good quality fountain with a silent motor; as well as a fountain with a design that it is easy to keep clean. You can place some feng shui crystals and stones in your fountain, which will strengthen the beneficial energy (called Sheng Chi), as well as purchase a fountain that allows you to diffuse specific essential oils into the air.

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