4K Ultra HD TVs Ultra HDTV: Picture. Perfect.

  • Four times the resolution of 1080p
  • Spectacular large screen sizes
  • Stylish and slim design

100% ENTERTAINMENT Discover the incredible depth, clarity and color of the Toshiba HDTVs. Elegant, ultra-thin and energy-efficient engineering make these a showcase for movies, games and your living room or home theater. They offer stunning sound, and come with a suite of smart high-end technologies.


STUNNING HD VISUALS The newest HDTVs really deliver rich and vibrant picture quality with incredible brightness and sharp contrast when it comes to premium viewing - with brilliant 4K and 1080p Full HD images, dynamic sharpness, plus smoother, more natural images. They also offer the latest picture quality features like Dynamic Picture Mode and ColorMasterTM.


YOUR CHOICE OF SCREEN SIZES Which screen size is right for you? The Toshiba line of HDTVs offers a full range of models to meet your needs. Want a large display mounted on your living room wall, or a smaller one for the kitchen or the kids room? Choose from 20” to full 65” diagonal widescreen displays―they’re a Toshiba TV that’s perfect for any room.


MODERN DESIGN Elegant and ultra-thin these HDTVs will satidfy your appetite for great entertainment and will complement your decor. Mounted on your living room wall or on a stand, you’ll find the ideal TV for your home office, kids’ room, kitchen, bedroom or anywhere you want a TV.


CONVENIENT CONNECTIVITY Multiple HDMI and USB ports let you hook up your favorite components. Take advantage of built-in Wi-Fi (select models) to connect to the Internet and your home network and cut down on cable cluster. HDMI-CEC Contol for creating an entire home theater controlled by one remote. The’re even a separate input to plug in your PC so you can watch your PC content on the big screen.


ENERGY CONSCIOUS Though powerfully entertaining, these HDTVs are built with a power-conscious design. Most of are ENERGY STAR Certified, so you can rest assured than with a Toshiba TV you’re doing right by the environment.


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